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TEFL with tiny human in tow

We are a minority perhaps. TEFLers that sprogged.

Of all the additional challenges caused by being a TEFLer parent perhaps Son of Thor's education has been my biggest issue. I hated our local schools. As in volcano style hated. I've yet to meet a parent here who is impressed, however a good rule of thumb is to avoid saying your piece as a forrin type. Because some people are quite happy to criticise their own stuff, but less keen on outsiders doing it. It got a bit frosty at the school gate towards the end.

Still, thanks to the lovely Internet there are choices these days, choices that can work well with the sort of hours we often find ourselves working. For the last few years my son has attended InterHigh, an online British Independent school. Which is doing a much better job than I did when I tried my hand at home education. There are other schools (see links below), none cheap as chips, but if education where you are is causing an almighty culture clash at least you have options.




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